About Us

About CamelBackpackers - A Phoenix Hostel


First things first: what's with the name?

I chose CamelBackpackers: A Phoenix Hostel because it's a fun play on words. Phoenix is home to Camelback Mountain , a major point of pride and hiking destination.  I knew I wanted backpackers in the name and wanted an animal for a mascot.  When trying to decide a name, "CamelBackpackers" seemed like the perfect fit!  

And who are we exactly?

CamelBackpackers: A Phoenix Hostel was founded by Amber Harrold, who fell in love with Phoenix after living abroad in Germany and traveling throughout North America, Europe and Africa. She started our hostel to share this amazing city with others and provide the kind of experience she knows fellow travelers value: a place where all your needs are met in a laid-back environment focused on socialization and adventure.

And our work exchange staff hails from all around the world, but together we all share a mutual love of adventure and a passion for this hostel we call home. Whether it's helping you find the nearest grocery; taking you to our favorite hangouts around town; or just swapping stories over the extra large dinner table, we're here to make your trip as memorable and enjoyable as possible.

We hope to make great memories with you soon.